Service provider – meet infrastructure investor.

SWITCH Power is an Alberta based Independent Power Producer (IPP), focused on capital deployment of long-term infrastructure assets through creative projects, creative financing, and creative commercial structures. They deploy strategic power assets in the Community, Mining, Utility, and Commercial & Industrial sectors. Developing sustainable energy solutions is their mandate and creates the foundation of the three pillars they strive to achieve in every project: how do they impact the environment, are they economical and based on market fundamentals, and do they benefit their counterparties? For them, it’s about generating the most cost effective, reliable and impactful electron for their customers.

SWITCH develops, finances, builds, own and operates sustainable energy power generation projects, consisting of distributed energy resources: wind, solar, battery storage, and thermal generation, bundled with an innovative energy management system. They do this in micro-generation, utility, and off-grid scenarios by utilizing innovative technological, commercial, and capital solutions.


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