About Us

Our people, their passion and expertise are what set us apart.

Who We Are

CARDON is a diversified company with a portfolio supporting clients across the energy value chain. Our approach is to allow our operating entities to focus on their technical expertise and brilliance and lessen the burden of day-to-day corporate services. We also act as a vessel for smaller businesses to grow. Through the delivery of professional services, we take a company’s idea, formulate a strategic growth plan, and provide corporate services to help them achieve their objectives.

Our foundation is to help businesses grow, by delivering the best in professional services. We employ experts in the fields of people services, corporate finance, information technology, and corporate management to develop and implement strategies that align with our partners goals. We are strategic in that we build a path tailored to each of our clients and partners, leveraging decades of experience to prove our solutions realize success.


Passionate people delivering professional services to our operating companies, helping them solve problems and stay focused on their mission.


Our values are integral to our company’s identity, and our teammates embrace them.
We stand behind what they mean, and we employ them through the work we
deliver for our clients and partners.


We do what we say

Our team is committed to delivering the highest level of service – every time.


We embrace change

Doing the same thing every time doesn’t work. We always look to deliver innovative solutions and stay agile to shift or change our approach alongside our clients.


We take ownership of our actions

Essential to our clients success, but also to our teammates. We don’t just say we are accountable, we show it.


We create an environment where it's safe to be yourself

Being authentic makes us relatable and creates dynamic teams. Our value and success is in the sum of our parts.


The collective contributions of all of our team members leads to success for us and our clients.

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Community Investment

Investing Close to Home

We leverage our success in business to grow and improve the communities we operate in. Whether it’s big or small, every organization and community initiative deserves an opportunity to succeed. By investing close to home, we see the tangible results that our efforts make and the impact they have. We value success and that includes the successes of the organizations we support.

Community Investment Application Form

Growing businesses by bringing life to their story.


Our Reason for Getting Home Safe

We ask our teammates every day “what’s your reason for getting home safe?” and then we go out and model our business in a way that aligns with our objectives. Safety is integral to how we conduct our business and to the culture at CARDON. As we support our partners in realizing their goals and growth objectives, we always consider safety as the most important factor. We work to infuse our partners reason for getting home safe into the way they conduct their business.